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Flu Season 2022: Why the Flu Vaccine is Important

Get your Flu Vaccine in preparation for Flu Season 2022

Flu season is almost here. Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has dominated our lives – and it is crucial we remain cautious and protected against it – but it is equally important to remain aware of the winter flu.

Let us answer your questions about why you should get your flu vaccination this winter.

Haven’t Lockdowns Killed it?

Firstly, you may be wondering why it’s worth mentioning the flu when we’re in the middle of a pandemic for a much more severe virus. Well, while Covid-19 is a greater threat, the flu hasn’t disappeared.

Earlier in the year, the news that the UK hadn’t experienced a single case of flu all year was proof that lockdown restrictions were working against all manner of viruses. But just because there were no cases, that doesn’t mean it went away.

Last year, flu cases also fell rapidly amidst lockdown procedures. But flu is highly adaptable and changes every year. These constant mutations allow it to stick around even among the strictest periods of lockdown.

It is expected that the seasonal flu virus will co-circulate with the COVID-19 virus during this winter and, as flu activity levels were extremely low during the 2020/21 flu season, it is expected that there will be lower population immunity against the flu.

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Is the Flu Vaccine Effective?

What’s the flu vaccine effectiveness when the virus mutates so frequently? The flu may be persistent, but so are we. Healthcare professionals are working constantly to produce new and effective vaccines to combat every new strain. We provide these vaccines to all who are eligible in order to maintain immunisation levels.

Flu vaccines greatly reduce the risk of an individual catching the flu. If they do, their symptoms will be far milder than if they were unvaccinated. It also stops them from spreading it to other at-risk individuals.

Therefore, it is necessary to receive annual flu jabs to ensure you are protected against any mutations. A greater vaccinated population will also reduce the chances of a double burden of flu and Covid-19 this winter.

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Where Can I Get a Flu Vaccine?

Now you know how vital a flu vaccine is, where can you get it? You have a choice between your local GP service or a community pharmacy. Let us make the case for the latter.

GPs are prone to being overwhelmed with demand when flu season comes around. Most people try to get their vaccines there, which leads to long queues, busy phone lines and tons of stress and frustration all around.

Instead, please consider getting your flu jab at your local community pharmacy. They offer the exact same service, but this way you are diverting pressure from GP staff. Everyone gets vaccinated quicker, flu season is nominally less stressful for all – everyone wins!

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