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Heartwarming Message From Brockwood Pharmacy Patient Highlights Staff Efforts Through Pandemic

Brockwood Pharmacy recently received a message from a patient detailing how they have helped her throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Joanna, a regular patient at the pharmacy, made repeated references to the friendliness of staff: “You always get a friendly greeting, a smile, and never feel you’re just a number on a conveyor belt.”

Brockwood’s position as a community pharmacy in a rural location means staff can more easily form bonds with patients. Regulars can expect “chatting by name in regular conversation” and “you feel then you can ask for advice on other aspects of medications.” 

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this type of pharmacy is how the increased personability can enhance the healthcare experience. Patients feel more confident opening up about their health issues if they have an authentic connection to the staff treating them.

This type of behaviour has only grown in prevalence since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Joanna says of one particular staff member, “Alina was so kind and patient with me.” She would deliver medication directly to her door and always spare time for a supportive chat. “Bless her, during my worst time she was a breath of fresh air.”

When Joanna was too anxious to leave the house during the most severe periods of Covid-19, the conversations she would have with staff helped her to “feel not alone in the world.”

Even as the pandemic increases the strain on staff and resources, it is reassuring to hear that healthcare workers are still taking the time to create a welcoming and comfortable experience for their patients. It is also a reminder of how self-isolation has shone a spotlight on mental health, and how important it is for staff to ensure their patients are coping mentally as well as physically.

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