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Milestone: Thousands Vaccinated at Peel Street Pharmacy

Peel Street Pharmacy has recently passed a significant milestone in its COVID-19 vaccination program.

The number of bookings accepted by the pharmacy has recently surpassed 6,500 Accrington residents up to the end of April.

The pharmacy currently operates out of the ACT Centre to deliver life-saving COVID-19 jabs to the local community. These community pharmacy centres are vital in bringing accessibility of these crucial vaccines to smaller communities that may not have access to a large-scale site based in more densely populated areas.

Kath Gulson, chief executive officer of Community Pharmacy Lancashire, expressed the importance of community sites: “Community pharmacy has a vital role in supporting the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination programme alongside our GP colleagues and other providers, supporting local patients and communities.”

In order to overcome these difficult times, everyone must be prioritised regardless of where they live. Sites like Peel Street’s vaccination centre help to expand the accessibility of this vital healthcare service, ensuring no one feels left behind.

Since the beginning of February, vaccinations have accelerated as they have become available to more people. This increase in availability comes as part of the government’s plan to have every UK adult be offered their first dose by 31 July.

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