Farnworth Village Pharmacy

We are Picton Road Pharmacy.

11 Farnworth St, Farnworth, Widnes WA8 9LH – 0151 424 2939

About us

Our Pharmacy is proud to be supporting the Widnes community with professional services and advice. If you have a regular prescription, we can collect if for you from any local General Practice and deliver it straight to your door.

Advanced appointment booking for your consultations isn’t required at our Pharmacy if you need guidance and support from one of our staff members, we will be happy to help you.

Farnworth Village Pharmacy is here to offer assistance and information for a range of medical issues. Our vaccination service covers the common flu. We can help you make healthy lifestyle choices with our minor ailment and supervised consumption services.

If you have an enquiry fill out the form below:

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    Farnworth Village Pharmacy
    Farnworth Village Pharmacy
    11 Farnworth Street
    Farnworth Widnes WA8 9LH
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