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What Changes Can You Expect to See in Your Local Pharmacy Due to COVID-19

Businesses are closing, which is getting considerably difficult for everyone. However, It’s imperative for you to understand all community pharmacies will remain open during this pandemic. They will not close.

Your pharmacist and their pharmacy teams will come in every day to go through prescriptions and get your medication ready. However, there will be some changes you will notice.

Some of the changes you might experience with your community pharmacy are: 

We can only allow a limited amount of people inside. For example, Orford Pharmacy based in Warrington is only allowing three people in at a time. This is for patient and staff safety as we do not want people close together for social distancing purposes.

Other changes you may experience are “Non-Urgent” one to one consultations will not be provided. It’s essential that our pharmacist and their staff are only dealing with essential work at this challenging time. 

Once entering one of our pharmacies you may notice we have barriers put in place, this is so there is always a 2-metre distance between the staff member and the pubic, this is for your safety and the staff’s safety. 

Some medicines are in short supply such as Paracetamol & Calpol. Due to this, we are only allowing one person to purchase one packet at a time. Other changes you will see are the pharmacy teams will be wearing protective gloves and face masks for their own safety and patient safety as they are supplying your medication.

Message from Kamran – Pharmacy Manager. 

“I would like to remind everyone to be patient with their pharmacy teams as we are experiencing a huge increase in workload. We are doing our best to fulfil your prescriptions, due to the increase in workload it may take longer than normal.”

The most important thing is that everybody stays calm, as this is a stressful period. There are enough resources within pharmacies and other healthcare services to be able to support you. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - The Impact On Community Pharmacy

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