Pharmacist talking to patient

Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS)

The Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) offers patient – pharmacist consultations for low-risk illnesses and important prescriptions through an NHS 111 referral. This service offers the patient flexibility to receive their consultations away from a busy hospital environment. Pharmacies aren’t required to offer the service, but we feel it is important as it gives our pharmacy a greater set of roles to carry out in support of the local community.

The Community Pharmacist Consultation service is carried out in a room within the pharmacy away from busy areas. The patient will be taken to this room for their consultation, offering them privacy and comfort to discuss their illness or issues with a trained pharmacist. Alternatively, patients can have a 1 to 1 phone discussion in place of a face-to-face meeting if they are housebound and unable to travel.

I’ve been referred for the CPCS, should I go?

It is important that when you are referred for a consultation that it is treated as an emergency. If you are asked to use the CPCS, it offers quick treatment and relieves pressures facing your local GP and hospitals.

What is involved in the CPCS?

Patients will discuss their issues with the healthcare professional who will then take the best course of action to sort out the problems presented. If you are taking a phone consultation or are housebound, then you may need to nominate someone to pick up your prescription on your behalf.

The Community Pharmacist Consultation Service aims to:

  • Offer 1 to 1 private and impartial consultations
  • Dispense new or existing prescriptions to those in urgent need of medication or medical devices (Emergency supply of prescription medicines)
  • Grant support and general advice for those with a minor ailment or low-risk illness

What our pharmacies can offer you

If you are referred from the NHS 111 scheme, we will provide you with an impartial 1 to 1 consultation. Visit one of our pharmacies when referred to finalise your consultation time.