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Independent Prescribing by Pharmacists

Who can be an independent prescriber?

Prescriptions are a vital part of treating and supporting patients with healthcare conditions. The most appropriate medication is often decided by a prescribing health care professional registered in the UK, for example, a doctor, dentist, a pharmacist or a nurse regardless of the prescription – whether it be on the NHS or private.

What is independent prescribing?

Registered under the regulatory body GPhC, pharmacist independent prescribers are solely accountable for the evaluation of a patient’s health with previously diagnosed conditions or to diagnose new conditions; as well as for decisions relating to the prescription of medication required to help and support the issues they have found.

What an independent prescriber is expected to carry out

Independent prescribing by pharmacists is very common today. There are many services currently offered in General Practice and hospitals delivered by pharmacist independent prescribers. A number of community pharmacies are also employing the skilled services of pharmacist independent prescribers. Our pharmacist independent prescribers use their initiative and have a vast knowledge of medical conditions and practices to:

  • Assess and evaluate your health.
  • Provide impartial advice to help you manage your condition effectively.
  • Make clinical decisions, including prescribing medication.
  • Make referrals to specialists for specific issues.

Your relationship with an independent prescriber

A good relationship between a patient and the pharmacist independent prescriber is important. Continuing to visit the same practitioner allows for a better understanding of your regular health patterns and makes symptom spotting far easier. Clinical records will be made of all prescriptions, referrals and recommendations ensuring that all information will be up to date and easily amendable if issues or prescriptions change.

What happens next?

Our pharmacist independent prescriber will offer you a detailed consultation which will include taking a history, a number of clinical observations and clinical examinations. This will form the bulk of your assessment. Once complete, they may decide it is appropriate to prescribe you a course of medication for the condition that has been determined. They may alternatively decide that you need a referral to your GP or more urgently, the hospital.

Our pharmacist independent prescribers are able to offer their services for a number of acute urgent care conditions and also a number of long term chronic conditions (conditions apply).

Visit one of our pharmacies for a consultation meeting on your health and prescriptions requirements with one of our pharmacist independent prescribers.