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Allergy Awareness – Our Top 5 Tips For Dealing with 5 Types of Allergies


Allergies have turned into a significant public health issue, and it is also commonly misdiagnosed and inappropriately treated. Allergy is a critical public health issue in developed nations. In the United Kingdom, in the past three decades, the prevalence of common infectious disorders has trebled, providing this country among the most exceptional levels of allergy on the planet. Many kinds of allergies are due to an immune system reaction is different from food intolerances.

Importance of Allergy Awareness

Almost 12 million individuals in the United Kingdom undergo allergy treatment every year. These consequences are potentially life-threatening and allergic diseases are responsible for it. Allergies are the primary health problem of developed countries, and In the United Kingdom, allergic diseases affect roughly one in three of the population.

Allergy is a broad term; it means different types of diseases are involved that may arise due to multiple factors. Some of the most significant allergic conditions are asthma, eczema, food allergies, drug allergies, latex allergies, anaphylaxis, and allergic reactions due to venom.

Why This Problem Is Getting Worse

Now the question arises why this problem is getting worse and almost uncontrollable and becoming an alarming health risk in the United Kingdom. Well, it’s not the issue of United Kingdom allergies are becoming the top concern for the majority of developed countries. Multiple factors are responsible for this clinical condition, such as lack of healthcare legislation or specialised allergy care centre. It is necessary to develop a dedicated allergy care centre that can treat allergy patient.

Currently, patients are referring to physicians that have multiple healthcare specialities but lack of allergy care training, which is resulting in massive treatment cost due to multiple referrals to the healthcare providers. This process should be made an easy and single referral to facilitate more individuals. Specialised training should be provided to allergy experts as we have a lack of specialists in this field, which means more virtually clinical training facilities should be made available to benefit health care providers. Majority of treatments are based on the anti-allergic drugs instead of identifying the causative agents that are responsible for this epidemic.

Allergy Advice and the Different Types of Allergies 2019

The following are essential to prevent different types of allergies.

Food Allergy

Food allergies are the most common type of allergies that occur due to reactions of the immune system. According to research findings, almost 2 million people in the United Kingdom are living with food allergies. Food allergies can be caused by a variety of foods depending upon the individual’s immune response to certain foods. Individuals might have an allergic reaction due to milk, nuts, corn, eggs, garlic, wheat, soy, and fruits.

Food allergy advice

Food allergies can be prevented by following the recommended guidelines. Individuals with food allergies are requested to adopt precautionary measures while shopping and eating. It is recommended to see the label if you are purchasing any food item from the market.

Make it sure to order food when you are satisfied that no ingredients are used which might lead to allergic reactions. In case of emergency, or when you start feeling clinical signs of food allergies, you can always consult your physician or emergency healthcare, provider. It is essential to provide your clinical history and your medication for better treatment.

Drug Allergy

Drug allergy is also a common health complication of both developed and developing countries. A drug allergy may appear due to an allergic reaction to a specific medication. The most common type of drug allergy reactions are associated with penicillin drug. Anti-cancer drugs are also known as for causing various drug allergies.  Drug allergies depend upon immunity; some individuals might get severe damage done, whereas some individuals may have slight skin rashes.

Drug allergy advice

Drug allergies are the most crucial health problem, and immediate response is required to avoid the life-threatening condition. Drug allergy can lead to severe health care complications and death ratio is very high in these cases due to the drug reactions and the consequences can get worse if precautionary measures are not taken. Different drugs have different side effects depending upon the drug. So each drug has a separate protocol that is to be followed to avoid any health complications.

Pollen Allergy

Pollen allergies are rated as the most common seasonal allergies. Pollen allergy is affection 4.3 million of the UK population. Pollen allergy is commonly referred to as “Hay Fever.” Since pollen allergies are seasonal allergies so it can affect people during the start of the summer and spring season. It can lead to various health care complications such as respiratory problems, asthma and eye problems. Individuals may have different health consequences depending upon the medical history of their post-operative patients and those having respiratory tract problems.

Pollen allergy advice

Pollen allergies can be prevented by following the recommendations provided by NHS in the Uk. Individuals are advised to wash their hands and face when they are exposed to the outdoor environment, likewise arriving back from the workplace. This process will remove the pollen from the skin surface. People who have asthma are required to take additional precautionary measures along with their medication. It is recommended to use a pollen mask when you go outside. No matter you have a history of pollen allergy or not. Nasal sprays are also available that can relieve the itchy feeling resulting from pollen allergies.

Latex Allergies

Latex allergies are associated with natural latex. It appears after having contact with natural latex and latex products. The allergies are caused due to the immune response of an individual in response to a nontoxic substance. Latex allergies are also associated with food allergy a person having latex allergy might also have certain food allergies. Sometimes latex allergies can lead to severe health complications. However, the mild symptoms are low blood pressure, a headache and runny nose. It is suggested to consult a health care provider once you experience the signs and symptoms.

Latex allergy advice

Latex allergy has a severe health concern since 1990,s. It is also a fact that non-latex gloves have a high failure rate in clinical practices, so it is impossible to replace latex gloves. However, there are recommendations that mostly latex gloves that are produced are affordable in price. However, the problem is that they possess allergen powder that can cause an allergic reaction. So it is the responsibility of the healthcare organisation to provide clear information to their employees. This condition can be prevented if the powdered latex gloves are replaced with non-powdered latex gloves and products. It may increase the initial cost, but these reactions can be prevented in this way.

Pet Allergy

Pet allergy is the allergy that can cause to you from your pet. The mechanism of action of a pet allergy is the specific proteins that are located on the skin surface, saliva and urine of a pet can cause pet allergy. The initial signs and symptoms of pet allergy start from sneezing, runny nose, a headache and sometimes itchy skin and watery eyes are also associated with a pet allergy.

Pet allergy advice

Take your pet to a vet doctor regularly to monitor the health of your pet. Regular visits may cost you a little more than your budget, but it can prevent serious health problems. Do not skip any vaccination of your pet. Keep your pet away from your bed and living room to avoid any risk of developing pet allergy.  If you spend most of your time with your pet, then it is highly recommended to use HEPA air filters at your home. Wash your hands after handling your pet, give a bath to your pet once or twice a week to decrease the allergen count.

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