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Imaan Healthcare Surpasses 500,000 Covid-19 Vaccinations

Imaan Healthcare reaches Vaccination Milestone

Throughout its various vaccination centres and pharmacies, Imaan Healthcare has administered over 500,000 vaccinations against Covid-19.


Since Imaan began operating vaccination centres in January 2021, 13 sites have been opened, with five of these being run from within the pharmacy shops. Although vaccination rates vary between locations, with some areas experiencing greater vaccine hesitancy than others, reaching 500,000 vaccinations is a major milestone.

Imaan pharmacies cover a lot of ground, with vaccination sites located in Accrington, Blackpool, Bradford, Burnley, Chesterfield, Derby, Leeds, Liverpool, Oldham, Preston, and Warrington. More continue to open as the pandemic continues, as we understand that covering more ground means greater immunity throughout the country.

This milestone is especially significant as it is a huge increase from November, when the pharmacies collectively surpassed 200,000 vaccinations. As new variants are emerging and government regulations are weakening, it is reassuring to see such a large uptake of vaccinations from the UK population.

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Community pharmacy

This number speaks to the importance of community pharmacies in the national vaccination effort. Community pharmacies are built on being local, friendly, and trustworthy, and as such are essential in vaccinating their local communities against a deadly virus.

It also speaks to the strength of Imaan Healthcare uniting these independent pharmacies with a team of supportive managers who manage things behind the scenes. Having a management team to lean on while remaining independent is a major plus for Imaan pharmacies, and undoubtedly part of why these vaccination efforts have been so successful.

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The work doesn’t stop here – as of writing, 78% of UK residents have had their first dose, 72% have had their second dose, and only 56% have had their booster dose. Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere, with new variants continuing to emerge, and all strains can inflict long Covid that can affect recipients for the rest of their lives.

Getting vaccinated is as important as ever, and our team at Imaan Healthcare are honoured and privileged to be such an important part of the national vaccination efforts. We will continue to provide vital Covid-19 vaccinations for as long as they are needed.

Working at a vaccination centre is extremely demanding, so we’re extremely proud of all our healthcare staff and volunteers for reaching this milestone. For an in-depth read into the experiences of managing a vaccination centre, read this account from our Accrington site.

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To find your nearest Imaan vaccination centre, visit our locations page.

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