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Your Numbers Week – Blood Pressure Awareness

There’s a reason the heart is associated with life and vitality. It performs the most vital functions in keeping each one of us alive. To neglect your heart is to neglect your entire body.

That’s why we’re supporting Know Your Numbers! Week 2021. From 6-12th September, we’re raising awareness for blood pressure conditions. Tens of thousands of preventable deaths in the UK each year are linked to blood pressure issues.

Why you should Know Your Numbers

Hypertension – when blood pressure is too high – carries the greatest number of problems. In 2015, it was responsible for more than 75,000 deaths in the UK. This is because hypertension increases the risk of heart failure, coronary heart disease, and strokes.

⅓ of people in the UK have high blood pressure, but most are not aware of this. Those with particularly high blood pressure may experience headaches, bloodshot eyes, or general feelings of unwellness.

But this is relatively uncommon, and hypertension usually doesn’t usually carry symptoms – hence why it is often dubbed ‘the silent killer’. Therefore, the most effective way to identify it is through a blood pressure test. This is why regular testing is crucial to combat the prevalence of blood pressure related deaths throughout the country.

Risk factors

The ideal blood pressure lies somewhere between 90/60mmHg – 120/80mmHg. If yours is between 120/80mmHg – 140/90mmHg, you are likely to develop hypertension.

Many annual deaths related to hypertension are preventable. Between 50-80% of people with high blood pressure do not take all of their prescribed medicine. This is a major factor influencing mortality rates.

Hypotension is less severe but can still cause disruptive symptoms such as dizziness, sickness, weakness and fainting. While lower risk, this can still noticeably impact an individual’s quality of life and is therefore best treated as soon as possible.

Additionally, those with blood pressure conditions are at an increased risk of mortality if they contract Covid-19. This makes it even more important to get your blood pressure tested as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to endure.

Getting a blood pressure test

All of this can sound quite daunting, but that’s why we’re here. Several of our pharmacies provide a blood pressure testing service to identify any potential issues. From there, our pharmacists can take the necessary steps to getting your health back on track.

Do you know your numbers? Ensuring your blood pressure numbers sit within the safe zone is vital not just for your physical health, but your peace of mind. It is recommended that all adults over 40 should have their blood pressure tested every five years.

But regardless of age, if you are an adult living in the UK, we encourage you to get tested with us to ensure that there are no existing issues. Book yourself in for a free blood pressure test at your local Imaan pharmacy today.

If you would like more information about the topics discussed in this post, or would like to get a blood pressure test, please visit our locations page to find your local Imaan pharmacy.

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