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Milestone: Thousands Vaccinated in Allestree Pharmacy, Derby

NOTE: This press release was published in April 2021. As such, some information may be outdated. For current information on our vaccination centres, please click here.

Allestree Pharmacy has recently passed a significant milestone in its COVID-19 vaccination program.

The number of bookings accepted by the pharmacy has recently surpassed 8,000 Derby residents up to the end of April, and is fast approaching 9,000.

In March, bookings spiked in response to the national vaccine shortage that would leave branches like Allestree unavailable for three weeks. Over 7,000 of the total bookings were scheduled during March. By preparing for the unfortunate shortage, Allestree was still able to book in over 5,000 Derby residents over April.

The pharmacy is operating St. John’s Methodist Church as a temporary vaccination centre, the first faith site in Derbyshire to be used in this way during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Residents are encouraged to wait until the NHS contacts them about arranging an appointment, as vaccinations are rolled out in order of prioritise the most vulnerable first. A COVID-19 vaccine hotline is also available for Fylde Coast residents to inquire about the vaccination process. It is live between 10am-8pm every day of the week at 0300 7906856.

Sairah Hameed, Pharmacy Manager at Allestree Pharmacy, spoke of the “great response from volunteers in the local community”, but urged that they “cannot vaccinate people without an appointment.” All bookings are managed by the National Booking Service.

Since the beginning of February, vaccinations have accelerated as they have become available to more people. This increase in availability comes as part of the government’s plan to have every UK adult be offered their first dose by 31 July.

Effects of these vaccinations are already becoming apparent as this week has seen the lowest number of COVID-19 patients in Derbyshires hospitals since September. As restrictions continue to relax, only time will tell whether case rates will remain low.

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