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Milestone: Thousands Vaccinated in Wesham Pharmacy, Blackpool

NOTE: This press release was published in April 2021. As such, some information may be outdated. For current information on our vaccination centres, please click here.

Wesham Pharmacy has recently passed a significant milestone in its COVID-19 vaccination program.

The number of bookings accepted by the pharmacy has recently surpassed 8,000 Blackpool residents up to the end of April, and is fast approaching 9,000.

While based in Preston, it has extended its services to the city of Blackpool by operating Moor Park Leisure Centre as a vaccination centre. By taking advantage of a venue temporarily closed due to the ongoing pandemic, Wesham Pharmacy has been able to successfully manage 8,764 appointments for the local community, over 2,000 of which took place during a single week in March.

The community pharmacy centre is vital in assisting The Winter Gardens in administering the COVID-19 vaccine to as many people as possible. Densely populated areas like Blackpool require as much support as possible to ensure the whole community has the opportunity to receive life-saving protection during these uncertain times.

This is especially true following recent reports that it may take up to five years for Blackpool’s tourism industry to recover to pre-COVID levels.

Cllr Lynn Williams, leader of Blackpool Council, praised the local vaccination efforts: “I’m delighted that we’ve been able to support the NHS and provide the use of the Winter Gardens and Moor Park Leisure Centre.”

Since the beginning of February, vaccinations have accelerated as they have become available to more people. This increase in availability comes as part of the government’s plan to have every UK adult be offered their first dose by 31 July.

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