A PCR Testing Kit For COVID-19

COVID-19 PCR Testing Kit

COVID-19 PCR Testing Kit – Imaan Healthcare

What is PCR Testing?

A polymerase chain reaction test, or PCR test for short, checks to see if the individual taking the test has contracted the COVID-19 virus. The test works by detecting the genetic material found in the virus’ RNA. This allows a chain reaction to occur that is then analysed by scientists, giving you your result.

What is Included in the COVID-19 PCR Testing Kit?

Each COVID-19 PCR test kit includes:

  • 1xRT-qPCR sample kit
  • Laboratory analysis
  • COVID-free travel certificate

You can purchase these test kits by filling in our online test kit form. These tests are completed at home and easy to use. The test requires you to take a swab from the back of your throat and nasal cavity for the greatest coverage – this may be uncomfortable but should not hurt. They are then sent off to a lab via the post for analysis by a professional. You should expect your results back within 24-48 hours of the lab receiving your sample. Please self-isolate while you wait for the results so that they remain accurate.

Your digital results certificate acts as a COVID-free travel certificate, allowing you to travel with ease.

When Should I Use a COVID-19 PCR Testing Kit?

COVID-19 PCR test kits should be used for any travel out of the country. Before you take your test, be sure to check the regional test requirements of your destination and the airline you will be flying with.

Test results can take up to 48 hours to process, we recommend taking the test up to 3 days before you are set to travel.


We are stocking a number of COVID-19 PCR tests at a price of £79 per test.

We will be restocking with new tests as and when they are needed, so you’ll be able to access a COVID-19 PCR Testing Kit when you need it.

Will My PCR Test be Accepted When Travelling Abroad?

A number of airlines and governments now require travellers taking flights abroad to provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test before they will be allowed to travel. In some instances, you will be required to take a PCR test before and after returning from your travels. A PCR test will be required for travelling to certain countries as per the traffic light system.

Important note, you must make your own checks before flying abroad at this time, our pharmacy cannot take responsibility for checking requirements on your behalf.

For up to date information for travelling abroad, including the traffic light system and entry requirements – you can visit the gov foreign travel page here: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice


If you are looking to travel abroad for work, education or for leisure purposes, please book your COVID-19 PCR Test through our pharmacy; once your test has been completed, you’ll receive a Fit to Fly certificate to ensure your travels can go ahead without any difficulties.