Medicine dosage box

Monitored Dosage System

What is a Monitored Dosage System?

A monitored dosage system is a simple storage device for a patient’s medication. The dosage system is made up of multiple compartments, divided into the days of week and times of the day common for medicine taking. The system uses distinctive colours and clear labels to keep the patient free from confusion as they take their prescribed medication.

Why is the Monitored Dosage System useful?

The monitored dosage system is especially useful for patients who take multiple types of medication for a number of ailments. It can also help those who are easily confused when taking their medication for example taking the wrong quantity or at the wrong time of day.

The pharmacy team can determine the specific times for each medication. This makes monitoring a patient’s medication usage easier for healthcare practitioners, carers and family members.

How we use the monitored dosage system:

Our friendly and professional staff will arrange to have your prescription medication dispensed into the monitored dosage system to make sure that your medicine is ready for the new week ahead. It takes roughly 20 to 30 minutes to discuss how the monitored dosage system works and to sort the prescribed medication into the correct compartment. This service is quick, useful and can save lives.