Chelmsford Road Pharmacy

We are local. We are Chelmsford Road Pharmacy

47 Chelmsford Rd, Bradford BD3 8QN – 01274 668770

About us

We are a community-based pharmacy serving the Barkerend area of Bradford. Our central location, close to Lapage primary school, is within walking distance of many neighbourhoods, bus stops and car parks, so we are always able to offer patients our valuable and professional services.

Chelmsford Road Pharmacy supports appointment bookings for private consultations between you and our trained pharmacists.

Chelmsford Road Pharmacy is here to offer support and advice for a range of issues, like those who want to stop drinking or smoking, or travel vaccinations for those who are at risk of certain diseases and illnesses while abroad. We are also on hand to assist you with your minor ailments: including constipation, coughs, fever, stomach pain and headaches.

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    Chelmsford Road Pharmacy storefront
    Chelmsford Road Pharmacy
    Chelmsford Road Pharmacy
    47 Chelmsford Road
    Bradford BD3 8QN
    United Kingdom