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Thousands Vaccinated as Lancashire Pharmacies Pass COVID-19 Milestones

NOTE: This press release was published in March 2021. As such, some information may be outdated. For current information on our vaccination centres, please click here.

A number of Lancashire pharmacies have recently reached significant milestones in their COVID-19 vaccination programs.

Since the beginning of February, vaccinations have accelerated as they have become available to more people. This increase in availability comes as part of the government’s plan to have every UK adult be offered their first dose by 31 July.

Wesham Pharmacy led the charge to deliver mass vaccinations through both its centres in Preston and Blackpool. Through the combined efforts of the AFC Fylde Mill Farm Stadium and Moor Park Leisure Centre, Wesham is responsible for over 10,000 vaccinations bookings up to 26 April. The accessibility provided by two centres means all eligible residents from Preston to Blackpool can benefit from Wesham’s services.

This is also representative of the benefits of high capacity sites. After becoming the first sports venue in the country to open as a vaccination centre, Mill Farm has managed 4,753 appointments, 2,211 of which are during a single week – the highest number of appointments in a single week for any Imaan Pharmacy so far.

In March, bookings spiked in response to the national vaccine shortage that would leave branches like Allestree unavailable for three whole weeks. By preparing for this unfortunate event, Allestree was still able to book in over 5,000 Derby residents.

Orford is one of the few Imaan pharmacies to not be heavily affected by the shortage, as it has held appointments for every week through March and April. This consistency has proved effective as almost 5,000 Bewsey residents have been able to obtain bookings so far.

However, it is not just major population zones that require protection from COVID-19. Though providing for a smaller community, Peel Street Pharmacy recently surpassed 3,000 bookings for the Accrington area. No community is too small to be considered a priority for the indispensable services offered by Imaan’s pharmacies in these uncertain times.

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