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Werneth Pharmacy Becomes COVID-19 Testing Site Under New Community Initiative

NOTE: This press release was published in April 2021. As such, some information may be outdated. For current information on our vaccination centres, please click here.

Imaan Pharmacy, Werneth has begun offering regular COVID-19 testing as an ongoing service.

This development comes as part of a restructure of Oldham’s COVID-19 approach due to new lockdown rules that commenced on 29th March. Lighter restrictions mean a greater number of community testing sites will open, amplifying the volume and regularity of the process.

Werneth Pharmacy will be a vital part of this new initiative in the wake of the previous four main sites closing. Those who frequently used those sites – primarily symptomless people who require regular testing – will instead be directed to one of the abundant new sites.

Located on Oxford Road, it is now part of an essential community effort to minimise the impact of the virus in a region where it remains unfortunately prevalent.

Oldham’s COVID-19 rates (per 100,000) are currently the highest in Greater Manchester, and Werneth has the highest rate of Oldham’s wards. Additionally, one-third of those with COVID-19 do not show any symptoms. Therefore, it is imperative the local community is tested as frequently as possible to minimise risk and boost morale in these uncertain times.

The new sites will also offer support to vulnerable people who require assistance with swabbing or any other part of the process.

The importance of consistent testing was reinforced by Katrina Stephens, Oldham’s Director for Public Health: “It increases the chances of finding cases early, preventing the spread of the virus and reducing case rates.”

Testing is also crucial in keeping rates low to avoid enforcement of another lockdown, ensuring the government stays on track to gradually ease restrictions throughout the year.

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