Person holding syringe in vial labelled "Vaccine Covid-19"

Everything You Need to Know About the Covid Vaccination

When it’s your turn to have the Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, you’ll get a letter, phone call, email or text inviting you for an appointment.

Who can get the COVID-19 vaccine first?

The NHS is currently offering the COVID-19 vaccine to people most at risk from coronavirus. It’s being given to:

  • people aged 65 and over
  • people who are at high risk from Coronavirus (clinically extremely vulnerable)
  • people who are at moderate risk from Coronavirus (clinically vulnerable)
  • people who live or work in care homes
  • health and social care workers

The order in which people will be offered the vaccine is based on advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI). ( […]